Help Your Teen Find THEIR Best College & Career

Would you like to help your teen find the best college and career choice for the way God made them?

Would it help to have concrete information offering insight into your child’s God-given wiring as well as the types of environments that they are best suited?

Imagine having access to a database full of information about career options and long term outlook as well as specifics to how to gain the proper education for applying to that sort of job and the colleges, universities, and schools in which that certification or degree is available?



Well, you don’t need to imagine or hope for this kind of practical and effective tool.

The Highland’s Company Assessment is a hidden jewel when it comes to college and career matching.

Utilizing a three hour, online assessment with 19 timed segments that can be completed over multiple sessions, the Highlands Assessment Battery measures 18 different abilities — such as how you solve problems, whether you like to work with a team, how long you want to work on a project —  that lead to work-type profiles. Those profiles connect to a database of career options and the colleges, universities, and schools that offer the proper degree and certifications.

The Highlands Assessment is not only online, it’s also interactive and personalized through working with a Highlands consultant in pre and post-session preparation and follow-up debrief.  This time is designed to help the student will walk away with a better understanding of how to study, work with peers, and even connect with family members.

It's good to embrace God's design!


As a parent, the insight you’ll receive abut your son or daughter will enable you to parent more effectively in light of the way God made them.

While there’s no fool-proof method for finding the perfect college and career match, Highlands offers direction, options, and hope-filled possibilities in the search process. 






The Highlands Ability Package includes the online assessment, a pre-assessment prep session, and a post-assessment feedback session for $295.  If you’d like to request the Highlands Ability Battery for your son or daughter, please complete this form. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email elisa at moretobe dot com.


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