Seven Strategies for Navigating Screens and Social Media with Tweens and Teens

Is social media really a problem?

Can we really be addicted to screens?

Well, you can be the judge of that within your own family, but the statistics and research is leaning strongly towards an absolute “yes.” Just look at what we’ve uncovered here.

As a parent, the culture norm is for everyone to use technology and for social media to be a right of passage (starting younger and younger). But does that make it wise? Does that mean it’s good for your child?

Navigating social media and screen-based devices does not need to be as daunting of a task as you might think.

The secret is knowing the risks, establishing safeguards, and cultivating an environment of transparency with your tween or teen. So yes, you’ll need to make some decisions at the onset and be willing to tweak your plan as your child matures and circumstances change, especially with the ever-changing scope of technology, apps, and social media.

So where do you begin?

Seven Strategies FOR NAVIGATING Social Media & Screens WITH YOUR TWEENS AND TEENS #socialFREE

The seven strategies included in this resource, which is really a workbook, will offer you a framework for the decisions you’ll need to make:

  1. Dock the Screens Outside the Bedroom
  2. One Screen, One Person
  3. Require Responsibility for Social Access
  4. Transparency and Accountability are Key
  5. Define Expectations on Usage
  6. Cultivate Humility, Honesty, and Trust
  7. Consider the Heart of the Matter

It’s not about enforcing rules, but rather taking the time to decide what safeguards you want to put in place for your family as you consider this key question:  How can we approach this process with grace and truth, ultimately trusting God for His wisdom and not making decisions out of fear?

Consider this your workbook for arriving at your family’s game plan for using social media and technology.

Seven Strategies for Navigating Social Media & ScreensIf you find yourself stuck, life coaching might be a great way to gain clarification and arrive at a decision that is right for you and your family. You can check out the “Take a MOMent: Life Coaching and Mentor for Moms” package to learn more.

It is my hope that you’ll feel equipped to navigate one of the most difficult influences in parenting with a greater sense of confidence, courage, and compassion.

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