Exclusive Mentoring Experience with Elisa Pulliam

 Are you craving a biblical mentor, but don’t know where to find one?

Would you like to have some practical guidance on how to grow as a godly woman, but maybe you don’t have the time for a long-term commitment or the flexibility to connect face-to-face with a mentor?

You’re definitely not alone in longing for mentorship but struggling to find a way to make it happen. I get emails every week from women asking if I can mentor them, because it feels like there is no one else they can turn to in light of their circumstances.  Trust me, I’d love to say “yes” to every single woman, but there’s simply not enough of me to go around. That’s why this concept of an Exclusive Mentoring Experience is a perfect solution for the both of us.

You don't need to go it alone.
What’s an Exclusive Mentoring Experience?

This opportunity is designed for women seeking mentorship, specifically from Elisa Pulliam, but also willing to be connected with other women in order to develop follow-up mentoring connections. While the group will meet for six weeks, the mentoring relationships formed within the group can be pursued by participants to continue on their own at the end of the program.

The Exclusive Mentoring Experience includes:

  1. three live group phone calls with other participants
  2. one sixty minute individual coaching call with Elisa Pulliam
  3. closed Facebook group for weekly interaction and access to resources
  4. limited to 10 women in each group

Plus, additional bonuses and downloadable resources:

  • PDF copy of Impact Together: Biblical Mentoring Simplified
  • weekly Scripture printable
  • accountability worksheets and weekly check-in
  • Anchor Your Vision Worksheet with project planner
  • and more . . .

Topics of focus may include:

  • how to study Scripture and apply it
  • carving out time for rest and refueling
  • living according to your core values
  • writing a mission statement and goals
  • developing a lifestyle of worship
  • cultivating a meaningful prayer life
  • time management and organization
  • setting priorities and boundaries
  • developing communication skills
  • nurturing relationships
  • uncovering your calling
  • and more . . .

Exclusive Mentoring Experience

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next Mentoring Experience, sign up below. 

The fee to enroll in the Exclusive Mentoring Experience is $179 per person, and must be made within three business days of being accepted to the group to secure your spot. 

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To apply for the Exclusive Mentoring Connection Group, complete this application.

If you are selected, you’ll be notified with details for making payment and enrolling in the group.

eap_head_20_cirlceAbout Your Mentor

Elisa Pulliam is a life-long mentor, life coach, coach trainer, author of Meet the New You and Impact Together: Biblical Mentoring SimplifiedShe is passionate about seeing women experience authentic life transformation for the sake of impacting the next generation. Her mission as owner of the Kaleo Agency, a life coaching and leadership development company, and as founder of More to Be, a ministry passionate about training and equipping women to mentor, is fueled by God’s redeeming work in her life and twenty-plus years in youth and women’s ministry.  She counts it a privilege to connect with other women online and in real life, and strives toward savoring each moment with her husband of 20 years, Stephen, and with their four tween and teenage children.

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