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I love a good story that unravels with unexpected twists and turns. Don’t you? Well, pour yourself a cup of tea and join me for a story that will hopefully peak your interest and bless your soul

It starts with our humble beginnings . . . 

We launched More to Be in the fall of 2011, with a whole lot of passion but no idea of what God would do with it!

More to Be was birthed in my home and heart through more than a decade spent mentoring teenage girls, both one-on-one on my couch with a cup of tea in hand and in group gatherings we affectionately called Evening Tea & Chat (known as ETC). This model of ETC Mentoring was as organic as you could imagine . . . no set dates, no strict agenda, no formal curriculum. I know . . . it sounds crazy, but it worked.

ETC. Mentoring

Girls showed up and lingered long as we discussed every topic that mattered much to them.

But see, I didn’t want these girls going home empty-handed, so I created super short study guides steeped in Scripture and filled with life-application principles.

As these God-appointed ETC gatherings grew, I became increasingly aware that there were girls around the world craving time like this . . . time spent story-telling and laughing, crying and praying, reflecting and dreaming with older mentors.

I also realized I couldn’t reach the next generation alone!

Instead, I needed to find a way to raise up and equip mentors who would be wiling to carry out this precious calling in their homes and churches and school communities. From that vision, God birthed More to Be. In the beginning, everything posted and released was simply from the overflow of what was happening in real life. In a way, the website functioned much like an online community filing cabinet for the resources I created for my own ETC gatherings.

Within a year of launching, however, it became clear that simply having resources to use with tween and teen girls would not be sufficient to meet the need to impact the next generation. I discovered that women were hungry for more, wanting to know how to mentor and grow in their faith personally, and how to use the resources we had available. And so, my vision became our vision — yes, there’s a team behind all that happens at More to Be — and God refined our focus even further.

We exist to inspire women to embrace personal transformation through a fresh encounter with Christ so that they can impact the next generation through biblical mentoring relationships.

The fact is each generation needs to be impacted by the one before. So we’re here to encourage that process and to equip women with the tools, training, and resources needed to do just that . . . live lives of impact.

With a team of more than 30 women serving as advisers, contributors, mentor leaders, online group leaders, and life coaches, More to Be is fully committed to making Biblical truth simple, relevant, and applicable for moms, mentors, and teens.

We certainly think it’s a great story God’s been writing through the pages of More to Be, and we hope you feel the same.

You are welcomed here, just as you are, while journeying with us in becoming braver, bolder, brighter, and more beautiful through a fresh encounter with God for the sake of impacting the next generation.

Founder and Director of More to Be




Our Vision

At the heart of More to Be is a vision to see women (young and old) become more bright, more beautiful, more like Jesus as a personally relevant God enters their lives (2 Corinthians 3:16-18 MSG) through mentoring relationships and resources grounded in biblical truth.

This is what it means to experience life transformed — a life where we answer the call to become more like Him and impact the world around us. With a team of more than 30 women serving as advisers, contributors, mentor leaders, online group leaders, and life coaches, More to Be is fully committed to making Biblical truth simple, relevant, and applicable for moms, mentors, and teens.

Through providing simple, easily accessible online resources, More to Be is passionate about speaking to the hearts of tween, teen, and twenty-something girls, while also influencing today’s moms to be the vessels of Truth in their daughters’ lives and to see Christian women step out in faith in answering the call to mentor the next generation of young women.

Online mentoring training and study courses encourage women to follow Christ distinctly so that they may mentor biblically. Built on principles captured by Elisa Pulliam in her book, “Impact My Life: Biblical Mentoring Simplified,” (available on Amazon), the courses incorporate life coaching concepts with discipleship principles to equip all women to mentor.

ETC Mentoring, presents a unique mentoring concept providing a format and collection of resources designed to equip women to lead mentoring groups in their homes and community.

The Tool Shop (really curriculum without the binding) and ENGAGE Bible Studies provide resources on relevant topics steeped in biblical truth.

Life Coaching and Life Coach Training  is available especially for mentors and moms looking to develop leadership and life skills as they discover how to use their God-given gifts and talents in a variety of settings.

The Blog is a daily landing place, full of encouragement, relevant truth, informational articles, and interesting links for today’s teens, twenty-somethings, mentors, and women.

In a culture that promotes being more, the vision of More to Be is to see this generation of women and the next enter into a personal relationship with Jesus, so that they may become more braver, bolder, brighter, and more beautiful, more like Him and go forth impact this world for His glory!

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