100 Questions for Mentors

Would you love to reach the hearts of those you care about deeply and long to mentor biblically?

If you’re eager to grow the relationships with the people God has put in your life—in your family, with your daughters or nieces, at church or in serving in a ministry together, or amongst your colleagues at work or within your community of friends—this tool will help you take the next step.

The 100 questions provided within this resource are specifically crafted from a life coaching perspective using an “ask-answer-discuss” pattern. This format built upon open-ended questions invites a response and will enable you to cultivate deeply meaningful conversations.

I’m sure, as a mentor, mom, or friend, you’ve experienced times in which you’ve wondered, “What on earth will we talk about?” Maybe long periods of silence makes you feel awkward, but you don’t know what to say next. Or maybe you don’t know how to get the other person beyond a “yes . . . no . . . fine . . . I don’t know” response.  Well, you’re not alone!

Conversations can be hard, but these questions will help you move beyond the uncertainty of what say as you invite those you care about to open up their hearts and embrace life together.


100 Questions to Use with Those You Mentor

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