Put Your Eyes On Me.

Do you want the steady pace of routine and rest and refreshment, too?

Yes, I long for steady routine.  Daily rest.  Constant refreshment.

But I’m learning that racing through each day hoping for a slower tomorrow only puts off what God is willing to give me today.

The Lord is showing me, with each passing moment, the rich blessings that come from carving out a routine of meeting with the Him in the morning, spending time in His Word, giving Him my day, and pausing long enough to listen to His still small voice.  It isn’t a long time.  Twenty minutes or so.  But this time with Him reshapes my thinking, my heart, my purposes all day long.  It doesn’t give me a perfect life.  But it does give me more peace, purpose, and perspective.

As I invest time into a relationship with the Lord, He infuses my busy routine with a new perspective, fills my anxious heart with confidence as I rest in His Sovereign will and brings refreshment to my tired body with a new joy in serving others. My circumstances may not have changed, but my heart and mind toward them have.  It has come from shifting my eyes off the calendar and to-do list and dirty laundry and commitments and onto Him.

God longs to meet our needs, providing His routine, rest, and refreshment in our lives.  But He requires our attention and time.  The Lord is speaking to you.  Will you listen?

Put Your Eyes On Me.

Hear me
Seek me.
Find me.
Need me.

Let my Spirit fill you.  
Let my Word satisfy you.
Let my Living Water refresh you.
Let my love surround you.
Let my forgiveness heal you.
Let my grace transform you.
Let my mercy undo you.
Let my purposes direct you.
Let my plans delight you.

Let me.
Let me in.
Let me rule.
Let me reign.

For my glory.

What about you?

Are you ready to give God your time and attention?

What is standing in your way?

What are your excuses?


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