Keep Love

His word says to keep in His love. 

But what does this really mean?  Do I actually have to be nice, kind, gentle, patient, grace-filled, and forgiving to those who I feel like giving a power-packed jab, a one-two punch energized by my wounded heart.  Yes.  I choose to keep His love for me, and by His strength extend that love to others.  Even those who are wrong.  Even those who aren’t nice.  Even those who didn’t mean to cause all this energy drain.  And until it becomes a “want to” I walk in obedience, choosing to…

Wait for His mercy.

That’s where the waiting kicks in.  Waiting for the wrongs to be righted.  Waiting for the burden to lift. Waiting for the wildfire to burn fast and furious, hoping for God to make fantastic beauty from the ash pile.  Waiting.  In His mercy.  Because of His mercy…

With hope for eternal life.

I keep the love and wait for His mercy because I know my hope is eternal.  As I long for resolution tomorrow, I press on for a greater prize.   My life is meant for another kingdom, where there will be no more tears, no more pain, no more petty disagreements, no more disunity.  Where the lion will lay down with the lamb. Where the bridegroom will cry out “come” and we will find ourselves in paradise.

I keep myself in God’s love as I wait for the mercy of my Lord Jesus Christ to bring me into eternal life.

Are you waiting with me?

Leave a comment and let me know.  I need your fellowship in the keeping and the waiting.

Pick your favorite color graphic (yes, I got carried away) and tell others you’re all about keeping the love…




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7 thoughts on “Keep Love”

  1. I love your heart. I am waiting along with you friend.

    I am learning to leave so many things and people in the Lord’s hands. Only He truly knows the heart of a person. I’ve heard it said that hurting people hurt others. So I try instead to pray for the person. I ask God to help me see the person through His eyes of love. I’ve also asked Him to give me His love for that person. And believe me …it has worked.

    You are so creative Elisa! I hope to share the love too.

    Blessings and love,

    PS. I’m still hoping to catch up on your 31 days posts. I’ve loved what I’ve read so far. You have such valuable and helpful information on mentoring.

  2. Blog hopped from Living Well Wednesdays….(so glad I did!!)

    I am waiting with you!! Each day brings something to worry about, take care of, someone to put up with, forgive and give some mercy & grace to.

    I am no different. I am thankful that God extends His mercies to me daily. I am not perfect and my ways are not everyone else’s ways (wouldn’t that be nice, at least for a day!!lol!). Sometimes we get frustrated by others, and we allow satan to use those times to take our focus off of the prize. Lately, I have been reminded that I too fail to be obedient to Him and I probably frustrate Him as well. Yet, even if I do, He never stops loving me, His promises are not broken, and He stays right there with me and is for me!!!

    While I wait I will strive to be more like Him and extend mercy & grace to those that my flesh doesn’t think is deserving. I am definitely not deserving of all He has extended to me!!
    Thanks for sharing your heart!!!

  3. I’m waiting here, too! Such a good reminder…this is not our home…..

    And I am so thankful for the mercies God has extended to me every day. Thanks for reminding!

  4. wow, I am blessed. I love your heart and how you would take the time to have these available for us in so many colors. I feel loved! 🙂 I appreciate your presentation of what the verse means. You bless.

  5. It is hard to keep in the love when someone has hurt you. I am there right now. Yet, God continues to show me mercy when I reject him so I have no other option but to show mercy. And keep hoping the person will love me the way I love her. Then we will spend an eternity without hurt.

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