{Write It Girl} iThink. iPray. iWrite.

Writing, for me, is about expressing my voice in a way that gives God space and time to teach my soul His truth.

I write because that is how


about the definition of a beautiful woman and how to encourage women of every age to know their true identity

Writing is how I commune with God to get a handle on my emotions in the face of reality.  Words reflect what I think, giving me the opportunity to bring core lies against His truth.  It is the active process of taking captive thoughts and making them obedient to Christ.


about the vision and purpose of More to Be and the life of my ETC. girls and what life resources to provide next…

I have journals filled with prayer words scribed and scribbled, not just random thoughts recording days and moments in time.  Prayers that intercede for others.  Prayers that beg God for His perspective.  Words that tell me where to put my focus.  It is no wonder why getting on my face in prayer is never as holy as having a pen in my hand and an open book in my lap as.  Prayer words form the most intimate time I have with the Lord.


as my spiritual act of worship, urging others — mentors and moms teens through  twenty-something — to invite God to enter their lives because I know what it is like to experience life transformed by His awesome power and unending grace.

I write because it is the way God imparts a message into my heart, filling me with His relevant truth and causing me to overflow with the healing Word that I may pour it forth on others.   In my home and with my ETC. mentoring girls.  When I speak to women’s groups.  Here at More to Be.

I write for His glory.

Do you write?

If so, why?

If not, maybe you should try.


Thank you, Stacey at 29 Lincoln Ave, for the Write It Girl series.
It has been a beautiful exercise in uncovering what fuels my passion to write.


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5 thoughts on “{Write It Girl} iThink. iPray. iWrite.”

  1. I love this. Writing helps give words to jumbled thoughts. Writing helps give focus to my distracted prayers. I am such an advocate for writing. (I’m a composition teacher too.) 🙂

    I love your blog. I look forward to reading more from you!

  2. “as my spiritual act of worship, urging others…”

    that is beautiful and true!

    I am learning that I write to understand.

    Thanks Lisa for linking up! Isn’t this fun?

  3. This was such a treat for my soul. I loved reading your words. I felt we met over coffee and you shared how you’re living Gods dreams for you right now. Wonderful to meet you.

    I write too. I’m finally calling myself a writer and a photographer amongst the beautiful daily privilege of Wife, Mom, and Yaya. I write about unwrapping His simple joys and discovering His small wonders for me in my everyday. Because I wasn’t mindful of those for too long. I’m so glad to write at His daughter and share Him.

    (dropping by via WriteItGirl)

  4. “It is no wonder why getting on my face in prayer is never as holy as having a pen in my hand and an open book in my lap as.” I feel the exact same way! Writing is the anchor that hold me steadfast to God and helps me make sense of everyday life.

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