{Link Ups} Hope. In My Savior.

Hope. It is my PERSPECTIVE2012.  Because it is a lesson I desperately need to learn.

Most of my life has been spent hoping, but not in my Savior. I’ve hoped that my own efforts would bring satisfaction after a long hard day of serving my family. I’ve pressed on through difficult times, hoping that the around the corner I might find relief. And I must confess that I’ve unintentionally hoped in the opportunities provided through relationships, thinking that I would finally feel whole and loved totally.

Even though I’ve lived nearly two decades as God’s beloved child, I’ve never learned to hope in Him.

So now I am on a mission to change my thinking and the way I live, as I learn to hope in my Savior and not circumstances. I’m looking passionately for God to teach me through revealing His truth, day in and day out, in every nitty-gritty area of my life.

But a lifetime of habits formed without intention is simply hard to change.

Stinking thinking requires a bulldozer dig to shake loose bound up lies.

It is a process that requires time, determination, and intentionality as well as a deep immersion in the Word so that the Holy Spirit may form a wellspring of truth within my soul and transform my thinking. It also means I must live as on a hunt to capture every thought that is inconsistent with Biblical Truth and make it obedient to Christ alone.

How about you?

What needs to change in how you process life?

What habit has been formed in stinking thinking? 

5 thoughts on “{Link Ups} Hope. In My Savior.”

  1. Taking every thought captive to Christ is a tough battle. But it’s one worth fighting! I work on it every day! Wishing you well as you join the fight!

  2. My word for this year is Surrender and my post for today was not to different from yours. I love how connecting in the cyber world can confirm the lessons God is teaching us just from reading a blog!

    joy & blessings to you,

  3. Ohhhhhh what…I’d have to say it’s the thoughts of “not quite measuring up” that creep in ALL these years later, after so much has been conquered…joining you as I intentionally remove ALL forms of this “stinking thinking” from my life! perfect…

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