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Would you think it is safe to say that one of the most sought-after pieces of advice from teenage girls, and even twenty-somethings, is about dating?

Most girls, maybe just like you, want to know how to have fun dating without regret. Some want to know if God approves of dating. Others want to know how far is too far, sexually speaking.  And just about every girl wants to know how to find the right guy! These concerns are valid and worth finding the answers!

This Dating and Relationships resource is packed with answers to the most common relationship questions, providing hope and guidance for how to approach middle school, high school, and college relationships.

It looks at God’s design for relationships, how to know if you’re interested in the right kind of guy, what to do and not do in a dating relationship, thoughts on considering the concept of courting, and how to break up well.

It is our hope and prayer that every tween, teen, and twenty-something gal (and guy) would pour through this guide and consider applying the wisdom from Scriptures along with practical ideas for making wise relationship choices.

Dating and Relationships, a guide for tweens and teens

We also know that many moms and mentors find themselves at a loss when it comes to talking with the next generation about dating and relationships.  That’s why we’ve created a leader’s guide to go along with this resource. 

It’s a perfect tool for engaging in a one-on-one conversation or in leading a one, two, or even four-part study on the topic.


Dating and Relationships, a guide for moms and mentors


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