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It is our deep desire to see a movement of Redefining Beauty sweep over the nation, reaching the hearts of this generation of tweens through twenty-something gals while stirring up today’s Christian women to places of influence.


After experiencing the blessing and miracle of our first Redefining Beauty event, we are even more convinced that the impact our culture has caused us to lose sight of true beauty found in the lives of those we rub shoulders with each and every day. Beauty has become about what the media industry deems perfect, a.k.a, making the biggest buck.  Instead of placing value on the way we live, we put dollars toward the way we think we ought to look. It isn’t that outward beauty is bad.  We’re not saying we should neglect our appearance.  But rather, where is our focus?  Shouldn’t we spend more time and money using our gifts and talents rather than perfecting our appearance?

We want to see women of every age living beautiful lives.  We want that to start young.  We want that to start now.


Would you considering organizing a Redefining Beauty event for the next generation of women in your community, church, and amongst your friends? 

We’ve created for you a collection of resources here, including this special Plan An Event free download to encourage your next step forward.  And we’ll give you even more practical resources in the future.


Download Our Free Event Planner

If God is moving your heart in this direction,
please contact Lisa by email at lisa(at)moretobe(.)com.
She is available to answer your questions
and is also willing to prayerfully consider speaking at your event.

make the most of our Redefining Beauty resources
downloads . checklist . mentor guide . invitation

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