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In the last few weeks, a steady stream of encouragement has been pouring in about the impact of More to Be.  To be honest, it has caught me by surprise, as it often feels like More to Be is simply my online filing cabinet for all that I’m doing in real life ministry.  So these exciting bits of news leaves me wondering about all the special places where God has taken More to Be?

How exactly is God using More to Be to encourage this generation of young women?

Does the content on the blog really draw people closer to the Lord?

In what way are the Topics & Truth free downloads being used?

Where else are ETC. groups forming?

Are women, especially moms, stepping into significant mentoring rolls?

If you’ve been impacted by More to Be, would you mind taking a moment to share with us your story?  We’d really like to know in what ways More to Be exists beyond a computer screen.

Feel free to leave a comment below or email more@moretobe.com. We’ll praise the Lord with you for your story and intercede on your behalf.

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