Top Ten Radical Ways to Celebrate Easter

Has your Easter tradition been dominated by a focus on colored eggs, jelly beans, and furry bunnies?

Do you find yourself, or your kids, more eager for the unveiling of the basket than the remembrance of an empty tomb?

Wouldn’t it be nice to meditate on the true meaning of Jesus’ resurrection and its implication this Easter, not only as an individual, but within our families?

May I suggest taking on a new perspective this Easter season by considering ways to move your heart into acknowledging the Savior for His obedience on the cross, while becoming Christ with skin on to others through providing gifts with meaning?

1.  Give the Word

One of the greatest gifts you can give or receive is the Word.  Why not consider purchasing one of these Bibles for someone you love, a mere acquaintance, or a even to bless a total stranger!

Yes, this is an affiliate link, but the mere pennies that come in go to underwrite the expenses of maintaining More to Be. I’d be sharing these great resources with you even if there was no affiliate link.

2.  Immerse in the Word

It is hard to know the true meaning of Easter if you don’t know the Word personally.  Make a commitment to mediate on the Gospels from now and until Easter.  Give up listening to one song, one browse through Facebook, and one gossipy conversation to buy an extra 15 minutes a day in Scripture.  For extra accountability, you can share what you’re learning at our Immersed page. Then turn and share that Word with someone today!

3.  Be Transformed

Because of Christ, we have been rescued by faith from a life of pit-dwelling. Every moment, we have the opportunity to experience life transformed, but it is often dependent on the renewing of our mind (Romans 12:1-2).  We need to take note of what we think so we can change how we live.  Our Topics & Truth guides are designed to give you new ways to think Biblically so that you may experience life transformed.  Take time to download the topics that resonate most with you and share this link with someone who also needs this gift of transformation.

4.  Inspire More

It may be simple and understated, but could this little gift inspire you or your daughter to becoming something more?  To live life transformed? It may be the perfect reminder of hope for one nearly out of hope today.

5.  Leave a Beautiful Legacy

Do you want your life to matter?  Have you ever thought about how you’d like to be remembered?  Just as Rahab’s one act of faith rerouted her entire legacy, we have an opportunity to live today as the woman God intended.  Maybe that step begins with living a beautiful life and sharing that Redefining Beauty message with others.


6.  Start Something New

It is so easy to make life all about me-myself-and-I.  Our self-consumption is really self-protection.  We are afraid of getting hurt or being rejected.  How about stepping out of fear into faith, embarking on a new journey of living to impact others with the Gospel truth?  How about bringing an ETC. Mentoring Ministry to your church, your community, your daughter and her friends?

7.  Make a Project Difference

The Uganda American Partnership Organization is making a difference for a country in desperate need through developing self-sustaining projects like The Akola project.   I am nuts about this organization because I’ve witnessed firsthand how the life transformation in the heart of the founder of UAPO is bringing authentic life change to the people of Uganda.   How about increasing their efforts through purchasing gifts for friends and family members through the The Akola project?  Their work is beautiful, stunning, and truly quality!

8.  Show Compassion

Opportunities to show compassion are right in front of you, and quite possibly too many to count.  But maybe it starts with one financial step of faith to move you out of your comfort zone into daily acts of compassion.  Consider giving a gift to Compassion International to support the efforts of one of their special projects, or make a longer term commitment in sponsoring a child today. If you sponsor a child from Rwanda before April 9th and purchase a t-shirt from Sevenly, $7 will be donated to Compassion.

9.  Get Some World Vision

What are your eyes set on?  Are you seeking Christ?  Are you looking around this world at those who need His love through your provision?  What would it look like to become Christ with skin on to a World Vision sponsorship community?


10.  Reach Out In Hope

Sometimes the best way to find hope is to give hope.  When we turn outward we often discover the gift of being a giver instead of a receiver, and thus offer to someone else what we also desperately need.  If finances are not an option, maybe you might like to provide some hope to someone in need this Easter? New Hope Orphanage is close to our heart, with friends and family members serving on the ground in Uganda and state-side.  These children, like our sponsor daughter, really do need your acts of hope to offer them the hope of Christ this Easter.

What are the Top Ten Radical Ways you might choose to celebrate Easter?

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