{Download} 10 Steps to Forgiveness

What exactly is forgiveness?

Does forgiveness mean completely forgetting about a time when you’ve been hurt by someone?

Is the act of forgiveness something you have to do?

Can you still move forward in a relationship even without forgiving the one who hurt you?

Forgiveness is complicated. Wounds inflicted with words or actions are not easy to forget. It is natural to respond to such pain with anger, resentment, and desire for justice more than restoration. At times, it may seem easier to move on without working through the past hurt.

Unforgiveness seems to have the ability to trail after us like a loaded down suitcase, simply adding unnecessary weight to our travel, which eventually leads to exhaustion and sometimes even depression.

It simply isn’t how we’re intended to live! But how do we move forward?

Although it isn’t a simple or easy process, this free resource describes 10 steps to take to move toward forgiving others.  We urge you to download, practice it, teach it, and experience the blessing of obeying God’s call to forgive.

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3 thoughts on “{Download} 10 Steps to Forgiveness”

  1. Hi Elisa,

    Great post on Forgiveness. Sometimes hard to do, but always better for our life. We are to forgive if we want to be forgiven. Helps us to mature in our faith in so many ways. Linking up with Faith Filled Fridays. Kim

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