A Pledge That Makes A Difference

As you know, I was a bit fired up about the Seventeen Body Peace Treaty, and I made it pretty clear that I don’t agree with their definition of beauty.  Even though I am all for Seventeen’s decision to publish photos that have not been digitally altered — I’d like to see ALL their photos spreads produced authentically —  my concern rests more in the influence of Seventeen on today’s young women.

With a quick browse through Seventeen’s website, it obvious that this magazine isn’t the least bit interested in encouraging young women to define themselves by attributes of substance and character development. Their articles are about boys, bods, and beauty treatments.  It is such a shame, as there is so much more to life, and so much potential to nurture.

Seventeen comes up short, but what is out there to fill the gap for girls looking for answers and encouragement?

There is hardly tween, teen, or twenty-something gal that isn’t influenced by the pressures to be beautiful and hitched. Christian girls face these issues as much as their non-believing peers.  Sure, some may find a safety net in a sheltered family life and nurturing through pure girl friendships, which is truly a blessing!  However, I think the average girls — and the majority of those in the US and Europe —  finds themselves in the midst of social pressures and media influences with a deep uncertainty of how to respond to falsely answered questions about their identity.

It makes me mad.  Does it frustrate you, too?  Don’t you want truth for these girls?  I do. That’s why More to Be exists!  That’s why our teams is on a mission to become a place of answers for tween, teen, and twenty-something girls as well as their moms and mentors.

Will you join our team’s effort?beauty_mg

Will you tell moms and youth leaders and mentors about our resources, especially our Redefining Beauty event material?

To get access to the Redefining Beauty Leader’s Guide, Tween/Teen Guide, the Redefining Beauty Pledge, and Redefining Beauty Checklist, click “add to cart” and proceed through the check-out process.

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There needs to be a place of influence that counters the culture, yet understands it, too.

More to Be is that place.

We hope you’ll tell others about More to Be so that one more young woman doesn’t lose herself in the hollow philosophies of this world.  She needs you.  So do we!

2 thoughts on “A Pledge That Makes A Difference”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree and am glad to have stumbled upon you through the link-up! Do you offer any mentoring resources? I’m hoping to begin mentoring a young teen girl soon and would appreciate any direction.

    Mary Beth @newlifesteward

    1. Hi Mary Beth,

      I am so glad you stopped by and shared your desire for mentoring resources. That’s what More to Be is all about. Check out all the navigation menus at top, especially the Topics & Truth Downloads. You may also want to purchase 31 Days of Mentoring Training, if you are looking for tips on how to mentor.


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