Praising God in Spanglish!?

Do you speak another language?

Do you want to learn another language?

Have you sung songs or been to church in another language?

Easy…turn to Hillsong! This popular and well known music group originating in Australia, sings songs in other languages. I live in Paraguay and I attend a church that holds 10,000 people. Every Sunday they have newcomers come to the front and receive prayer and a pamphlet…there are at least 100 newcomers every single Sunday.

The service begins with approximately 45 minutes of worship and song. Imagine walking into your church and hearing at least 5,000 people singing and praising the Lord at once. But not just another language! Without fail every time I arrive to church in time for worship, I find myself saying “Oh I know this song in English!” My sister and I begin to sing the same song in English, then alternate with the Spanish lyrics on the screen. Did I ever think I would be praising God in Spanglish?! No! Its absolutely incredible! And so very humbling to stand there and realize that you are not the only Christian in the world.

Your language is not the only proclaiming language in the world.

All over the world there are people singing the same exact songs as you are…because we are all worshiping the same God.

Its just amazing! God’s world really is so small. However, not only is listening in Spanish, or another other language for that matter, a rewarding and humbling experience..its also pretty educational. I was so interested, that I went and bought the church worship CD and found that it is a combination of the church choir as well as some Hillsong songs! I then looked up Hillsong on and iTunes and found that they have the same worship CDs I have in English, in Spanish.

I’m learning more Spanish in a way I never had before. While listening to the songs that I know in English and trying to hear the Spanish word. If I don’t know some of the Spanish lyrics, I think about what they are in English, and voila! My vocabulary expands! I don’t have to think as hard. It is
not like I’m just listening to the  Spanish song and trying to understand the words. I have a direct dictionary of lyrics already in my mind.

So basically…check it out!  If you love Hillsong and want to further explore what they have, get their CD’s in another language. If you want to learn Spanish quicker and in a more interactive way, get their CD (even if you don’t know the songs in English..even more reason to get it in both languages! Lastly, if you want to have the same rewarding and humbling experience that I had in realizing that we are all worshiping the same God in every language, get this CD and listen to it! I don’t know, it may open a window to a new journey in life!


What are your favorite worship songs that you might learn to sing in another language?

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