100 Things I Want to Tell Moms & Mentors

Are you a mom, especially of girls?

Are you a mentor seeking to be encouraged and equipped as you influence others?

This list of 100 Things is written for you in mind!

Inspired by the 100 Things I Want to Tell Teen Girls, this list reflects lessons learned through trial and error as well as over the last fifteen years of mentoring teen girls and raising my own children. Because of my faith and trust in God and His word, this entire list is grounded in His truth. While we might differ in the application process, I hope we can agree in the principles I share below.

Wherever you are at in your life experience and faith journey, I hope these 100 Things will inspire you to live wholly for the Lord and use all that He has given you to make an impact on the next generation.

100 Things I Want to Tell Moms and Mentors of Tween & Teen Girls

100 Things I Want to Tell Moms & Mentors

  1. We were made to be loved, by God first and foremost. Nothing else will ever compare to God’s love for you. Embracing this truth is the first step in being able to give of yourself to your children and the ones you mentor, without expectation of love in return.
  2. Your worth cannot be determined by what others say about you, nor can it be based on your performance or accomplishments, even as a mom or mentor.
  3. Define your beauty by how you live in the skin you’re in instead of how you look. By doing so, you’re freeing up the next generation to do the same.
  4. You’ll like grow frustrated when what people say they believe doesn’t line up with how they live, whether it is your children, the ones you mentor, or other adults.  Choose to give grace and respond with compassion in the face of this sort of frustration, while also pursuing the opportunity to learn more about what they are truly thinking or doing.
  5. Anything you ingest will become a part of you.  In the same way that junk food will lead to unwanted pounds and health issues, movies, TV shows, magazines, the internet, and music will affect your heart, mind, body, and soul.  You are also setting an example for those who look up to you, so choose wisely for everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial, for you and for them.
  6. Be a woman of your word.  Do what you say you will do, especially when others are counting on you.
  7. Emotions are good, but they have their place (and this said from the queen of emotions).  Learn to be self-controlled in your emotions and express your feelings in healthy ways with people you can trust. Don’t use your emotions to manipulate people, get attention, or hurt others when you are hurting.  Doing so will only cause a ripple effect of pain, starting with you.
  8. Friendships are difficult at times, even when you’re all grown up.  Take the time to learn how to conquer conflict and establish healthy boundaries, not only for yourself but so that you can teach these principles to your children and mentorees.
  9. Be thankful.  A wise woman said that thanksgiving precedes the blessing. It will also improve the tone in your family and the quality of your relationships.
  10. God’s shows His incredible love for you in a way that may not make sense at this point in your life, but as you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit will show you the blessing that comes with being a child of God.

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100 Things I Want to Tell Moms and Mentors



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  1. What an appropriate post. I was just talking about some of these with a mentor/friend of mine this week. Ha! God is indeed an amazing God. Thanks for linking up to Titus 2 Tuesday. Hope to see you again this week.


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