Announcing M2B Mentoring Study & Training

So you want to be a mentor?

Or you’ve been asked to mentor someone else.

But you really can’t figure how to take the next step.

And maybe you feel a huge hesitation about even trying.

Well, we’re pretty sure our six week mentoring training study using Impact My Life, along with some brand new material, will build your confidence and give you courage as we inspire you to draw nearer to Christ and move into positions of significant influence.


How Can You Participate?

Beginning Monday, January 7, we’re going to bring you six study sessions devoted to simplifying the mentoring process and making it doable for you — whether you are a twenty-something college gal, a stay at home mom involved in a youth group at church, a mom of a tween or teen, or even a woman involved in ministry. Using Impact My Life: Biblical Mentoring Simplified, we’ll be moving through not only the book but also offering new questions and thoughtful application ideas. We highly recommend getting a copy of Impact My Life, available through Amazon for Kindle or in paperback, so that you may read the correlating chapters and gain the most from your time investment, but you’ll be able to join in without the book.

The Schedule

…tentative schedule with more details to follow

Week 1 :: JAN 7 ::  What is Biblical Mentoring?

Week 2 :: JAN 14 :: Eliminating Excuses (part 1)

Week 3 :: JAN 21 :: Eliminating Excuses (part 2)

Week 4 :: JAN 28 :: Mentoring in Action (part 1)

Week 5 :: FEB 4 :: Mentoring in Action (part 2)

Week 6 :: FEB 11 :: Launch with Impact

The Format & Training

The Blog
Each week, you’ll find a post about mentoring as well as  a few discussion questions and personal reflection points. You can just read along each week and leave a comment if you like.

Mentoring Mondays Link Up
In addition to following along with the study, bloggers will have the opportunity to link up their own posts related to the content for our new Mentoring Mondays link up.

Closed M2B Mentors Facebook Group
There will be a special, closed Facebook group for participants in the mentoring study to discuss the content and grow as mentors.  The group will be a safe-place to ask questions, share reflections, offer encouragement, and seek out prayer.  In order to join the closed Facebook group, you must complete the following application.


How Can You Win Free Life Coaching?

Yes, it is true. Five women who join the study will be picked at random to participate in a FREE 3-week online life coaching group especially designed to help them become effective mentors.  This group coaching experience is valued at $175 per person! Seriously, this is quite a gift!

In order to be entered, you need to demonstrated your commitment to the study by showing up for the first and second session, which you can do by leaving a comment on that day’s blog post, giving a link to your blog post, or by joining the closed Facebook group and actively participating.

You may also gain extra entries by:

  • POSTING:  about this study via a post and enter your link below
  • TWEETING:  share about this study and mention @elisapulliam {Click to Tweet}
  • SHARING: like and share the post about this study on the More to Be Facebook page

By joining in this study, you’ll be given the tools and inspiration to make mentoring a reality in your life.

Pick up your copy of Impact My Life at Amazon for Kindle or in paperback.

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14 thoughts on “Announcing M2B Mentoring Study & Training”

  1. THANK U! I found you via your post @The Better Mom, and I was VERY excited to see you offering a mentoring course!This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for and God brought you into my life! Thank you, @Elisa for letting God use you to mentor others and I look forward to being a part of your group! God bless and greetings from Paraguay! ~ Trisha

    1. Trisha, what a blessing to see how the Lord is working and bringing women together for this study! Welcome! So excited to have you along for the journey!

  2. I have had the privilege of attending my husband’s school’s senior retreat as a chaperons for the past 8 years. I also just starting leading my 7th grade daughter’s Bible study. I’m so excited about gaining the tools needed to be a mentor to the young ladies in my life! Thank you!

  3. Hello, A Friend of mine sent me your website. It looks great. Unfortunately Because of other committments I will not be able to sign up for this session. Is it possible to send me a notice when another session will be taking place.
    Thank You and God Bless~ BETH ~missionary in Papua New Guinea.

    1. Beth,

      I am praying that it works out to do another one of these studies down the road! God bless, and greetings from Paraguay.

      Your friend, Trisha 😉

    2. Beth, so glad you came by this way! Yes, we’ll be doing the study and training again. The need is great and we want to serve. Subscribe to the blog so that you won’t miss out on when it is offered (date not yet decided!). Blessings as you serve!

  4. As a youth worker I feel like I am mentoring now but I often feel inadequate or unsure if I am headed the right direction. A lot of the kids call me Momma but that doesn’t mean that I am always right!

  5. I am so excited to start with your mentoring training. I just got the book and can’t wait to learn from you. You are an inspiration to me. Have a blessed day!

  6. Thanks so much for this I am really excited to have this opportunity. Also to be entered to have an opportunity for a life coaching session! I met a life coach today at conference I am at. I am definitely more interested now because I know I could benefit from this type of experience!

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