{Especially for Weary Moms} 3 Ways You Can Be an Intentional Mom

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a mom is that I need to be intentional- in everything.

Parenthood is a high calling. It isn’t just a job, or just a responsibility. It’s a sacred gift from God, no matter how we became parents. Whether you planned for your children or not, or whether you adopted your kids or you’re raising foster kids; each one is created in God’s image and has a special purpose for his or her life.

But, all the joys aside, being a parent can also be so very tiring and difficult at times. I used to work full time, and there were days I would come home from a long day at work and want nothing more than to sit down and do nothing. But dinner had to be made, homework done and bath time needed to happen.

Now even as a stay at home mom, there are days I pick my kids up from school and they’re instantly at each other’s throats about something. And I’m sitting there in the car wondering if their schools keep the heat on all night and store food in the cafeteria, because my kids are going back. I can’t take it. Suddenly, a full day of missing them is the furthest thing from my mind.

How, especially on those days when you feel like you can’t lift your head off the kitchen table, you realize you forgot to buy coffee, you feel totally defeated, and “your kids have figured out those extra long trips in the bathroom are so you can have mommy time and their hands are under the bathroom door” days, can we be intentional?

3 Ways You Can Be an Intentional Mom

  1. Identify a few areas you want to focus on being intentional (teaching your daughter how to cook, sew, use coupons, clean the bathroom, spray paint (my favorite!), balance a check book, discuss purity, etc…). Start with a small list so you don’t get overwhelmed and take on each item one at a time.
  2. Come up with a plan and begin with the end in mind.  What outcome do you hope to achieve?  Identify the steps you’ll need to take to reach your goal. Be organized with your time and schedule- this will really make a difference.   Invite your daughter to help you make dinner one night. Yes, it takes longer to go through and explain each step, but she’ll get the hang of it.  In no time you’ll have a competent co-chef and kitchen-trained daughter.
  3. Be patient, keep at it, and trust God. Is your daughter open to new things and ideas, or does she like to dip her foot in the water one toe at a time? Keep this in mind as you get started. If she’s slow to accept change, ease into this gradually so she doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. There are lots of other moms just like you, ready to link arms and support and cheer you on.

Resources for You

We know you need support as a mom, especially a a mom of  teen girls.  That’s why we recommend these particular, which will be a source of inspiration and encouragement:

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