Confession of My {Sometimes} Failure as a Mom

I’ve never been one to hold back on sharing about my short-comings. In real life, I wear my heart on my sleeve. And I am proud to do so, if it gives all glory to God. Even so, it took me years before I realized that when people ask, “How are you doing?” they don’t really want the play-by-play answer of the ups and downs of your life.  Once I became clued in, I learned to force the pat answer, “Fine, thank you!” out of my mouth, even if I wanted to gag on my own words.

Over the years of writing online, I’ve learned to streamline my confessions, too. I remember one piece I wrote in my very first months of blogging that sent my readers into a critical tail spin. They simply felt I was being too hard on myself, even though I experienced a radical healing through the process of confession about my struggle with anger.

The fact that I was admitting a problem and the process of seeking God for help left my followers squirming and pushing back on my words.

In the years to follow, I learned to carefully choose when I’d click that “publish” button, usually after much prayer and even seeking the counsel of my husband. While I’ve always want to be truthful, I don’t want my muck to distract from God’s glory, and discovered that sometimes my words {and heart} need more refining in order to paint the redemptive picture clearly.

I still find it rather peculiar that we obsess over reality TV, transparency in our public figures, and authenticity in our relationships, but prefer all this truth to be uncovered and dished out, rather than humbly ‘fessed up. {tweet this thought}

Even so, I refuse to conform.

I choose to be real, transparent, authentic in my confessions so that God may heal my life and transform yours. {tweet this one, too}

So today, I’m sharing over at The Better Mom about a time in which I could have been a better mom — rather ironic, don’t you think.  It is a ‘fessing up type of post that got the stamp of approval from the other characters involved, too.

Come on over to taste the reality of my life.


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