Live Brave! Courageous Faith Without Fear

Brave.  It is a word that conjures all sorts of emotions.  It can be a call to action. It can be a challenge to respond. But for some, like me, the word brave can make your knees knock together.

What does brave mean to you?

Live BraveDo you think, “Oh, no! I don’t think so!  Maybe she’s the brave type, but not me!” Or maybe there is this part of you that really wants to be brave but you’re afraid that others might think you’re too strong or risky?

What if I told you that we are all called to be brave! 

And what if I said that bravery is really the absence of fear that comes when you step forward in faith?

Would that be the type of bravery you’re willing to live out?

It is time for us to become women who step out in faith with confidence found in Christ.

It is time to no longer live in fear. It is time to live brave.

This free download and study guide will help you get on your way to brave living.

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