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Did you hear about our new M2B Mentoring Network?

We are so excited about this brand new way we’re going about offering support to mentors and youth leaders. This new mentoring network, led by Trisha Goddard, will be rich in resources and connection in a like-minded community of sisters committed to the call to impact this world through biblical mentoring.

Whose this for?

The mentoring network is open to all women who are interested in mentoring and leading in ministry, regardless of the stage and commitment level.  The goals is to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to go as you pursue opportunities to mentor and lead.

A Word from Trisha

Mentoring. Not to long ago, I was honestly scared of that word!  But after reading through Impact My Life and going through the 6 week training course, I finally realized that I’ve been mentoring all along. It isn’t something so far out tTrishahere and freaky!

Mentoring happens naturally in everyday life as you and I rub shoulders with someone else.

To mentor, you need to know about the Word of God, live it out, as well as pass it on to others. So for me, mentoring is important in today’s world, because we live in a time where people are are in need of Christians to impact them.

There is no more room to be afraid or to make up excuses about mentoring, because He has called me. He has qualified me. He has equipped me. He has chosen me.

Each of us needs mentoring. There is not one of us, who doesn’t need it! For example, I am 30 years old, married for 12 years, and a mother of 3 children, but do you know how many times that I personally have looked and continue to look for an older women to give me wisdom, encouragement, guidance, love, and a listening ear? I grew up in a Christian environment, so you would think that I would have many women in my life whom have mentored me. Now, don’t get me wrong. My mom mentored me, and I am very thankful for her! But as we all know as daughters, and especially those of us who are moms, there is a need for a mentor “outside” the picture to help guide, love, support, encourage, and listen.

In the last year, I am thankful to have found many new mentors, who have help me in different areas. And as a mom, I see my daughter in need of someone besides me. Does that mean that I am a bad mom or ready to hand over responsibility to someone else? No. But what this does mean, is that I see my daughter needing someone to invest in her life, so that as she grows, she has the extra support of godly women to encourage her to be Who God wants her to be.

Not one of us can do this alone. Each of us needs mentored.

Are you willing to be a tool in His hands and mentor another?

This is why I am so excited about the M2B Mentoring Network!  We need each other, as we reach out to impact those God has put in our families, churches, and communities.  I have found that when we network, especially in the body of Christ, we are even more equipped in our own respective callings.  I’m look forward to leading the Network and connecting in the Facebook group, as I cultivate a place where we can encourage, support, and help each other, by God’s grace and for His glory!

Will you join me as we lock arm and arm to equip the next generation to impact the world!

What does the Network offer?

The M2B Mentoring Network offers mentors and leaders support via email and Facebook:

Closed Facebook Group

Through a closed Facebook group designed for regular connection and a safe place to discuss real issues, the Network will help you find materials to help you lead and mentor in your respective ministries as well as  about conferences and speakers in your area.

Email Newsletter

For those not using Facebook, we also offer a quarterly email newsletter full of resources and opportunities in order to help you make the most of what we offer through our website.

Please take a minute to complete this short form, and we will be happy to include you in our FREE M2B Mentoring Network. You will receive a followup email from us within three business days with more detailed information.

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email more at moretobe dot com

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