Tween Bible Study: Pizza Party Style

Tween Bible Study Pizza Party Style

If you’re a mom of a tween girl, then you know first hand how desperately your precious daughter longs to feel needed and accepted.  She craves affirmation of who she is and who she is becoming, but her need to hear it from her peers is beginning to take priority over listening to you.

By choosing to host a “Tiny Little Bible Study:  Pizza Party Style,” you can address these needs within your daughter in three amazing ways:

  1. You’ll be giving your daughter your time and focus.
  2. You’ll be training her as a leader with a heart for service and hospitality.
  3. You’ll be providing an opportunity for her to connect with her peers, while also positioning yourself to influence her friends.

Doesn’t this sound like it would be worth your time!

Trust me. It is a blast! So go ahead and download the free guide and resource below!

Pizza Party Style



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3 thoughts on “Tween Bible Study: Pizza Party Style”

  1. I’m looking for a Bible study to use for a sleepover with my SS class, 4-5 grade girls. How much content is there, would it be enough/ too much to cover in an. Evening and 2 morning sessions?

    1. Noel, thank you for your question. I think it would be perfect for that age group. You can go as deep as you want to with the girls or keep it light. There won’t be too much content to cover. You could divide it easily into two parts that would last about 10 – 15 minutes each. Hope this helps!

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