It’s a 3 Week Blitz: Join the Next Mentoring Training Group

Has summer already started for you? Or are you about to head into another academic season? I know we’ve got gals from around the world connecting with us, so I’m trying to imagine life in your neck of the woods.

For me, the back door is finally kicked open and the summer sounds of birds and smells of lilac are bursting through the door. Technically, summer is here, if only my kiddos we’re out of school and we could all head to the beach.  Since we’ve got another few weeks left, I’m squeezing in leading one more M2B Mentoring Training Course!

Maybe this is the perfect timing in your life to get trained up as a mentor, before you put ideas into place for leading a mentoring group during the summer or starting up one next school year.

Or maybe it is just time to super-charged your confidence in Christ as you seek to impact those who God has put in your life?

3 Week Mentoring Training

It’s a 3 Week Training Blitz

Yes, we’re going to fly through Impact My Life in three weeks and cruise through the study guide as well.  If you’re a power-house reader and homework doer, you’ll be able to bang this thing right out.  If you like to take it a bit slower, the course will give you the encouragement found in group participation, while you choose to table some of the work to do at your own pace.

Course Details…

$15 per person – starts June 4th

  • closed Facebook Group facilitated by life coach Elisa Pulliam
  • week at a glance posted on Sunday evenings
  • weekly discussion posted on Tuesday & Thursdays
  • questions drawn from Impact My Life: Biblical Mentoring Simplified (available through Amazon for Kindle or in paperback)
  • homework found within Impact My Life Study Guide (available through Amazon for Kindle)
  • exclusive life coaching principles shared and applied in the community setting
  • 10% off life coaching services offered by Elisa Pulliam
  • $15 payment via PayPal

Next Step? Questions?

email more @ moretobe dot com

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