Why Mentors Are Needed

There’s nothing like the celebration of Mother’s Day to remind me how important a momma is in a child’s life. And yet there is also nothing like Mother’s Day to remind me why mentors are so terribly needed, as I think about the motherless children in our culture and world.

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We have motherless daughters {and sons} in this world, who still need the nurturing and care of adults who are willing to express the love of Christ in tangible ways.

Whether their moms have left this temporary dwelling {Jessica offers a poignant reminder of this impact} or left their calling chasing wildly after dreams {oh that could have been me…thank you, Jesus, it is not!}. Whether they are physically present but emotionally absent {a honest-to-goodness struggle}. Whether they are sold-out for their children but robbed by the burdened by stress and work and the demands of life. Whether they are happily married but suffer from debilitating depression or mentally stable but striving to fill two sets of shoes.  No matter the reason, we have motherless children in our midst.

This generation of young women {and men} need their mothers. No doubt. No argument there. But they need more than live bodies who carry a title.

They need moms invested in the calling of motherhood as they put on a mentoring mindset AND they need women to step into significant mentoring roles to fill the gaps.

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Will you get the training so that you can improve the ways you connect with those who need your influence?

We’re not asking you to go it alone. Oh no. We’re here to equip you!

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3 thoughts on “Why Mentors Are Needed”

  1. I’m so excited about the work that you are doing to train women to mentor other women. I’ve been discipling/mentoring women for over 35 years – and I must confess, in some churches I’ve been in, I’ve often felt like the Lone Ranger with no Tonto!!

    Coming over today from The Better Mom’s link-up, although your blog is a favorite of mine!

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