Transformed Tuesdays {A New Link Up}

I love seeing lives transformed.

That’s one of the reasons being a mentor and life coach is so incredibly rewarding. I get to partner with the Lord in His work, as the Holy Spirit transforms a person from the inside out.

And let me be honest, I love seeing my life transformed.

I am a living, walking, honest-to-goodness testimony of the faithfulness of God and the everyday miracles He still performs. Just ask those who know me in real life! The change on the outside reflects a change on the inside, with a countenance that reflects peace instead of anger, calm instead of worry, joy instead of sadness.  As I’ve grown in my relationship with Jesus, my precious Redeemer and Savior, and dug deep into the Word, my hardened heart has become flesh…and finally able to love others as I receive His love for me.


Transformation is a process.

Transformation is when God takes a THING that looks to be without promise and makes it into something beautiful.<–click to tweet

This beauty may be hard to see in the still-being-sanctified-life but it doesn’t mean that transformation isn’t occurring!

Like when a moment goes all wrong, but the attitude of our heart turns out all…right.  Or when a brilliant rainbow shows up after an awfully frightening storm. How about when a relationship is totally rocked but the choice to forgives restores what was almost lost.

Transformation is intentional.

Transformation occurs in that moment when we put our minds into action, determined to grow deeper and more purposefully in understanding God’s truth and how it applies to life.  

It is the living out of Romans 12:2,

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind,
that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. “

Experiencing life transformed happens when we live intentionally with the Scriptures as our guide. We take every thought and line it up next the Word. If it matches, we keep living that way. If it doesn’t, we either move forward in rebellion or surrender. Either there will be a change in our thinking, in order to see a change in our living, that leads to being transformed. Or. or. Or we’ll stay just as we are — not transformed.

Transformation is God’s doing.

As much as transformation requires our intentionality, it is God’s doing.  It is His prompting and leading that causes us to be changed, as He uses the Word and Holy Spirit to radically redirect our lives according to His will. That’s our prayer and mission here at More to Be — to see lives transformed by God because of a relationship built on faith in Christ.  We aren’t encouraging a mission of doing more, but being more.

More bright. More beautiful. More like Jesus.

We want more Jesus in our lives.

We want more of the Word influencing our thoughts.

We want more of His spirit overflowing on to others.

Whether you’re a teen, 20 something, mom or mentor, is that something you want, too?


Join us for Transformed Tuesdays…

{a weekly linkup for bloggers and weekly check in for our community}

So we’re getting even more intentional about living a life transformed with new weekly link up we’re calling, Transformed Tuesdays.  We’re going to take the Word and focus on living it out, and we’re going to record our transformation stories as we give God the glory.  Here’s how it will work:

Option 1:  Share Your Story

  • Come by each Tuesday to link up to a post you’ve written about seeing God accomplish a transforming work in your life.
  • Your story can include pictures and Scriptures that reveal how your thinking and living has been changed to line up with the Word.

Option 2:  Focus on the Key Verse

  • Each week, there will be a key verse, which we’ll announce the week before.
  • Feel free to write about that verse in a post, create a Scripture graphic that reflects the verse, or turn the verse into a prayer.
  • Then come link it up here!

Option 3:  Spread It Around

  • If you’re not a blogger, but happen to be on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook, feel free to share the Scripture graphic from our post each week and even turn it into a prayer to share with your social media friends.

Sounds pretty easy! We’re looking forward to connecting with you on Transformed Tuesdays, which kicks off on June 11th.

Next week’s key verse:  Romans 12:2

…so come on back and join us for Transformed Tuesdays…

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10 thoughts on “Transformed Tuesdays {A New Link Up}”

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  4. I am so glad you are doing this linkup! This week I won’t be linking up but I hope this will be a weekly event. I’ve learned that transformation is a life long process as we are molded by the Lord. I am never at the point of arriving this side of heaven. But I pray that He would purify me. Believe me, He does and is doing that through many challenges. But I am learning so much. He is my anchor in life and my provider and my strength. I love this topic.

    Blessings and love,

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