Are you trying to live life on your terms?

On July 20th, my husband and I will reach our seventeen year milestone in our marriage.

Yes, that’s a miracle, considering where we started in our marriage.  I was a baby in the faith and ripe with wounds from a rocky childhood and rebellious teenage years. He was a hurting young man, recovering from family trauma that has hit many a soul.

But by God’s grace and divine appointment, the Lord brought our two lives together. He knew we’d be good for each other, even if it meant working through some really hard stuff spread over some seasons of life we could have never forseen.

If you could peak inside our story, you’d see that this journey has been marked by an ever-present decision to give up our terms for the sake of our marriage, children, and commitment to God.

I’d need 50,000 words to tell you the whole story, but our former counselor sums it up best, “You could write a book with a chapter dedicated to every life issue and how you emerge from trial after trial by the grace of God.” None of these situations were on our terms, but it’s been the story God has weaved into our lives.

A seventeen year long story in which I’ve been learning that life is never really about our own terms.

Come join me at my dear friend, Sarah’s, blog, where I’m a guest for her weekly Wedded Wednesday and share more on the topic of marriage.

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