FREE 4 Week Mentoring Study Starts Today!

If you’ve been wondering whether you’d like to jump into the next FREE mentoring study course, well now is your chance to check it out. A brand new group starts today using Impact My Life: Biblical Mentoring Simplified

What will you learn from this study?

How to imitate Christ.

How to follow Him distinctly.

How to mentor with confidence.

And how to let His work in your life overflow onto those you feel called to mentor.


The FREE Mentoring Study is really like a mini-bible study and book discussion group that you get to participate in when it is convenient for you. So if your summer is marked by an irregular schedule, this group will give you the benefit of connecting with others — at least online — and will fill you up with solid, biblical encouragement.

To sign up for this 4 week course, click here to register, and await an invitation via Facebook to join the closed group.


The next study, which is six weeks long and more in depth, starts on September 17th.  Click here to learn more.

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