C312: Back to the Basics Style Staples!


The world of fashion is so vast and filled with options that it is easy to become overwhelmed. So many colors, fabrics, looks, and styles to choose from. With each new season comes a new fashion “must have,” and within months, it’s out with the old and in with the new all over again. That’s why vintage style is sometimes the best option. Vintage clothing is timeless, no matter what the fad declares.

While I absolutely love fashion and trends, I have recently realized that I seriously need to downsize. With a closet that’s bursting at the seems and two jam-packed dressers, something’s gotta give. My fiancé recently told me that when we get married next March, he wants one of my dressers…all to himself.

If you are a girl of any age, you feel my pain right now. My initial reaction was laughter. Me? Downsize? Get rid of all one million outfit combos? HA-ha! No way! After a lot of grumpiness, thought, prayer, and consideration, my stubborn mind came to the conclusion that he just might have the right idea. I tend to gravitate toward my favorite outfits, and I wear them on a loop.

styleSo how many of your outfits are taking up space and collecting dust?

Come with me on this journey as we get back to the basics, holding on to our style staples and getting rid of the cluttered closets!

You know it’s time to get rid of clothing when…

  • It’s ripped
  • It has holes
  • It doesn’t fit (I still have clothes from Jr. High!)
  • You haven’t worn it in a year or more (the right occasion will never come!)

What are you fashion must-haves?

We should all keep in the closet these staples and basics, which can be swapped out and enhanced with accessories to help us downsize without sacrificing style:


  • Skinny jeans
  • Black jeans
  • Black slacks
  • A casual skirt in navy blue, black, or tan that matches anything
  • A more upscale pencil skirt for business or interviews
  • A black maxi skirt
  • Leggings
  • Something with vintage flare like, this dress from Shabby Apple, which is stylish and timeless all at once.

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  • V-neck t-shirts in white, black, and grey
  • One flannel shirt
  • Basic tank tops in black, white, and grey
  • One tailored white blouse
  • One big, fun over-sized image tee
  • Two simple, colorful cotton shirts



  • One black blazer
  • Two cardigans/lighter sweaters
  • One pleather jacket
  • One comfy hoodie
  • One sporty jacket (the red one I’m wearing in the photo with my brother below was only $10 at Target!)



  • Little black dress
  • Maxi dress
  • Two casual sundresses
  • Two dresses you could wear to a wedding/more upscale conservative event

Little black dresses are great to have on hand for any occasion!
I used one to look like Audrey Hepburn with my fiance for Halloween last year!



  • One pair of black heals
  • One pair of tennis shoes
  • One pair of cute, comfy flats
  • One pair of sandals
  • One pair of tan wedges
  • One pair of anytime boots (like the ones below! They are comfy enough to scooter around in!)


Downsize and donate!

There are so many fun ways to de-clutter. Have a Swap & Shop with your girlfriends. Donate to your favorite charity. There are people in need who would be so thankful to have the clothing in your closet that’s collecting dust.

Remember that Proverbs 31:25 tells us to be clothed in strength and dignity. Let’s get back to the basics and feel strong, beautiful, and confident without all the unnecessary clutter. Confidence is always in style.



TEENS & 20s

Is it time for you to declutter your wardrobe and consider hosting a Swap & Shop for your friends?


What example are you setting for your girls when it comes to the matter of clothing?  Should you declutter and get your girls involved helping you make some fashion-forward choices from your wardrobe?


If you work with girls, what about doing a Swap & Shop as a mentoring gathering activity and use our Redefining Beauty resources to approach the topic of living a beautiful life in the skin your in?

6 thoughts on “C312: Back to the Basics Style Staples!”

  1. My favorite staple item is my black stretch pencil skirt. It goes with everything in my closet and has such a good fit – it makes me feel good!

  2. I have a couple of staples… layering tanktops are a part of almost every outfit I wear. I live in my favorite blue jeans. and I just bought a new long gray sweater that I have been wearing constantly on these strangly cooler August days!!

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