What Goes In? September Music Favs: All About Matt Redman


With the release on September 23, 2013, of Matt Redman’s newest album “Your Grace Finds Me” already hitting the top of the iTunes charts, I found it appropriate to commemorate some of his greatest hits. Matt’s music has been inspirational and life changing for many, including me. With his numerous Grammy and Dove wins and nominations he is a music force to be reckoned with! Now onto this months picks!

Matt Redman

1.  Blessed Be Your Name

listen here:  http://youtu.be/PnWKehsOXu8

When I think “Matt Redman,” I think of this song. “Blessed Be Your Name” can be heard singing in numerous churches on Sundays and youth groups throughout the week. Released in 2005, it won a Dove Award for “Worship Song of the Year,” and continues to be one of his biggest hits.


2.  10,000 Reasons

listen here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtwIT8JjddM

Released in 2010, “10,000 Reasons” spent 13 weeks at the number 1 spot on the iTunes Chart.  In the song, Matt sings of all the reasons why we need to the thank God. My favorite verse is:

The sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning

It’s time to sing Your song again

Whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me

Let me be singing when the evening comes


3.  Your Grace Finds Me

listen here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mqd8MoiCbcI

“Your Grace Finds Me” is the title track of Matt’s new album and I love it! The song is all about God’s great grace and how it finds us in whatever chapter of life we are in. The most powerful part of the song for me is the chorus:

From the creation to the cross

Then from the cross into eternity

Your grace finds me

Yes, Your grace finds me

4.  Better Is One Day

listen here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIq1j59R6tI

“Better Is One Day” is another one of Matt’s most famous worship songs. Matt describes how nothing is better than being in the presence of God and how “his heart and flesh cry out” for God. Here is the chorus:

Better is one day in Your courts

Better is one day in Your house

Better is one day in Your courts

Than thousands elsewhere

 5.  Twenty-Seven Million ft. LZ7

listen here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K69NdzPvwj0

“Twenty-Seven Million” was a single released in 2012 to support the A21 Campaign which is a non-profit “organization that works to fight human trafficking, this includes sexual exploitation and forced slave labor.” To help support A21 Campaign, you can either buy Matt Redman’s song or go here http://www.thea21campaign.org to donate. Here are some of the lyrics:

She was drawn by the bright lights

She was tied up in their lights

She worked right through the daylight

No voice, she’s a slave to the night

We’ve got to rise up, open our eyes up

Be her voice, be her freedom, come on stand up!

We’ve got to rise up, open our eyes up

Be her voice, be her freedom, come on stand up!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s twist on the music posts!

So will you be buying Matt Redman’s newest album?

Don’t forget, if you have a favorite artist or song leave a comment,
and I’ll check it out and then maybe feature your pick!

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