When Crazy Sock Day Makes You Crazy

I have a secret to tell you.

Lean in close. But be sure you’re sitting down.

Actually, I have two secrets to tell you.

1. I hate Crazy Sock Day.

It doesn’t matter it if is at school or camp or VBS. I still hate it.

2. I hate it even more when my girls fight with each other.

Actually, I hate fights of any kind between anyone I love. But it is the kind of squabble-fests my daughters, and occasionally my son, get into that really urk me.

Life is too short to go to battle over things that are not of eternal consequence.

Like…Crazy Sock Day.

So in order to avoid future Crazy Sock Day fiascoes, and minimize all the other crazy fights that typically mark our family’s life, we’re learning how to deal with our crazy hearts. Want to join us in doing the same? Come on over to Mothers of Daughters to see what I’m talking about!


How can you make the most of Crazy Sock Day?

Find out how to make the most of Crazy Sock Day at Mothers of Daugthers.com!

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