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What is true friendship?

Have you ever stopped to really consider what it means to have a truly authentic friendship?  Really, if you had to define true friendship, what would you say?

True friendship is _______________________________.

Did you come up with something or leave it blank?

When I was a teen, I’d probably say true friendship happens with someone who keeps your secrets, calls to ask you to hang out on the weekend, and remembers your birthday even without a Sweet 16 invitation. I still think those things are important, but my list has grown.

I’ve come to see that a true friend is someone who will tell me when I’m going off course and be willing to forgive me when I accidentally hurt them. 

My closest friends also share my values and priorities, and they are my cheerleaders as I pursue my passions and dreams.

The Truth About Friendship

Having a friend is truly a gift and being a friend is surely a privilege, but few people will ever become your best friend and only a dozen may make it into your inner circle.

So how do you really make and keep good friends, and sometimes, even let go of unhealthy friendships?

Friendship Pyramid

The Truth About Friendship download answers those questions and more, including how to use the Friendship Pyramid to to discern as a way to consider what healthy friendships really look like.

Friendship Download


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