Are You Suffering From an Identity Crisis?

If you were to meet me on the street, we would introduce ourselves and immediately ask each other, “What do you do?”

As women, much of who we are, or who we believe we are, is wrapped up in what we do.  Whether we are full-time homemakers, homeschoolers, part-time employees or something in between, we all have tasks that we’ve been given to do on a daily basis.  But this is not “who” we are.

You may be wife.

You lovingly support and encourage your husband, helping Him to become all that God created Him to be.  But this is not who you are.

You may be mom.

You care for the needs of your children, doing so with diligence, hard work, and grace.  But this not who you are.

You may be employee.

You’ve been placed as a beacon of light in your place of employment and have been given skills by Your Creator to do the job.  But this is not who you are.

You may be teacher.

Blessed with the opportunity to guide your children’s education, you labor over lesson plans and curriculum.  But this is not who you are.


First and foremost, you are a child of God. 

He calls you His Beloved. You are His daughter, chosen of the King of Kings, adopted into His family. You belong to the Lord.

It’s easy for us to forget this truth, when we are busy making dinner, wiping noses, being chauffeur, and kissing boo boos.  And when things get rough and we find ourselves feeling less than perfect in any given area, we label ourselves as “failures,” “not enough,” or “less than.”

And these labels attach themselves to us and become our identity.

There is an identity crisis among God’s women today that would say we must do something in order be someone.

But the Kingdom of God presents a backwards perspective.  The less we do, the more we become.  In order for us to fully walk in our identity as Daughters of the Living God, we must spend time in His Word, reminding ourselves of who it is He says we are, and relishing in the fact that we have a perfect Father in heaven who loves us unconditionally.

Are you suffering from an identity crisis? 

Are you carrying around labels that make you feel unworthy?

Run to His Word.  Allow it to wash over you.  Remind yourself of this fact every day: “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” (Song of Solomon 6:3)

That’s all we really need to know.

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