Transformed Tuesday: Forget Not All His Benefits

My youngest son, who is now tall enough to ride shotgun in our minivan, pointed to several dashboard gadgets and asked what they were used for.  I had to play around with a couple of them to even remember. After driving the same car for so long, I’d become comfortable with the basics. Though the gadgets were at my fingertips, I never used them. I completely forgot their purpose and never enjoyed the extra accessories I’d paid for when purchasing the car.


forget not His benefits

How often do we drive through life the same way?

How often do we disregard God’s promises and live like everyone else?

Every morning, people crawl from bed in search of the many benefits we, as believers, already possess.

Right now, millions are working for a glimmer of hope as they drown in desperation. Countless others look for peace to quiet the turmoil within their catastrophes. And still, others are just trying to get noticed by someone—anyone—who will finally offer the love they’ve always longed for.




Triumph over Troubles—

just a few of the many benefits we’ve already been given.

Through Jesus Christ, God has provided us with hope that shines brighter than our darkest experiences. {click to tweet}

His peace leads us through any trouble we face. More than that, His unconditional love allows us to live with courage because we know He holds our tomorrow and will always provide a better way.

Psalm 103:2

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.

My son’s new perspective from the passenger seat helped me discover new gadgets on an old minivan I’d never enjoyed.

What about you? Are you enjoying all God’s benefits?

While the world works for fading love and fleeting moments, we rest in His eternal promises. {click to tweet}

We remember all His benefits and we rejoice.


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2 thoughts on “Transformed Tuesday: Forget Not All His Benefits”

  1. Thank you Mitzi, for this reminder! It is often I go through life forgetting the blessings I already have in Christ! I fail to recognize them and live with my head down and in seeming defeat so many days. How can I offer hope to the lost and hurting if I live as if I have none myself? Thanks to More 2 Be for your encouraging and challenging words- I often read, but rarely take time to comment, and forget there are real people on the other side of the screen pouring their lives into every word to encourage and equip other believers like myself in living our lives for Jesus! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you All! Hugs and blessings are already yours today and everyday!

  2. Kristie Cocking

    We’re so glad that this post was an encouragement to you. Thank you for your sweet words! We hope you’ll continue to be blessed by what you find here at More to Be.

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