How to Perform Random Act of Thankfulness

Have you ever received an unexpected thank you or random act of thankfulness?

Everyone loves being appreciated. Who deserves that more than the people who influence our children?

Our children’s lives — and ours — are much richer as the result of life-giving teachers, coaches, pastors, tutors, youth leaders, lunch ladies, and many more. And let’s not forget that flexible mom for_moms_buttonwho seems to always find an extra seat in her minivan at short notice.

We tend to focus on giving gifts at Christmas. But we don’t have to wait until Christmas to give. What a great surprise that we can give to others early — right in time for Thanksgiving.

Random acts of thankfulness — even a simple card or gift — during an unexpected season are fun to give! (And your Christmas list miraculously shrinks!) After giving sharing a heartfelt sentiment, you can relax knowing that a genuine gift given outside of the traditional Christmas season is always well appreciated.

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Here’s a short list of the gift givers in our children’s lives. How can you bless these people with random acts of thankfulness?

  1. Teachers – including the aides and support staff at school. From the lunch ladies to the school secretary, a little note and treat show them how much we appreciate their service will be sure to make them smile.
  1. Music Teachers – They shape our child’s talent and encourage them to reach their potential — and beyond.
  1. Tutors – These folks get our children through crises and headache-producing homework. Won’t they be glad to see we notice their influence?
  1. Coaches – They have the ability to inspire, motivate and get the very best out of our children. They also teach life lessons that follow our kids long after they leave the playing field.
  1. Pastors or Church Leaders – These men and women, many of them volunteers, have a special place of authority in our kids’ lives. They deserve our thanks for being obedient to the call to bring our children the Gospel Sunday after Sunday. 
  1. Babysitters – These are the angels we place the ultimate trust in to care for our kids. They are not just babysitters, they are marriage builders — allowing us to enjoy a date night, and uninterrupted conversation, with our husbands from time to time.

Finally, but most importantly, let’s never forget to thank God for bringing these influences into our children’s lives. And let’s continue to pray that we — and our children — will always recognize their value.

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