Transformed Tuesday: Getting Your Heart Ready for Christmas

Where does Jesus fit into your Christmas season?

Is your calendar too full to slow down and think about the significance of a child born in the manager?

Have your traditions been built about lovely things like tree trimming and cookie baking without considering what it means to celebrate Jesus’ first days as God in Flesh on earth?

Oh friends, for too many years, I dismissed the significance of Christ in Christmas while, but not because I was lacking faith or a desire to celebrate my Savior’s birth. It was just that I didn’t know where to start to make a season about more than gifts and holiday decorations.

Until the year that God quietly whispered to my heart to put my eyes on Him.

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That journey was about focusing on hearing Him, seeking Him, finding Him, and needing Him more than ever before. And as a result, I experienced an entirely different type of Christmas season through spending the first 12 days of December thinking and writing on what it would look like to celebrate 12 gifts God had already given me.

God’s gifts are priceless and timeless.

His gifts are for all of us.

They are Gifts that don’t need a space in the inn because they live in our hearts.

God’s gifts that are eternal.

So will you join us on this journey of embracing God’s gifts this Christmas and experience life transformed?

7 thoughts on “Transformed Tuesday: Getting Your Heart Ready for Christmas”

  1. Dear Elisa
    This is so true. Once our Lord reveals Himself to each one of us personally, there is nothing else that we desire more than to know Him in all His fullness. I think we can say that we then sort of have a celebration of His Life continually in our hearts.
    Blessings XX

  2. I too am processing this a bit more than usual this Christmas. I’m still mulling it over and will update my thoughts and realise and learn more. But your words here have helped me, challenged me. Caused me to pause and think deeper. Thank you.

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