Is it your turn for mentoring training?

What will a mentoring study give you?

Is it your time, and your turn, to finally learn how to mentor?

There’s nothing to be afraid of about this mentoring process. It couldn’t be any simpler. All you have to do is grab a copy of Impact My Life: Biblical Mentoring Simplified and complete this short little form. Then our team will get you into the closed Facebook group so you can join in the study, which kicks of Tuesday, January 7th. You’ll get an email invitation to join in and voila, you’ll be connected with a group of like-minded women who desire to learn how to impact the lives of those they love with Biblical truth and His hope.


Impact My Life

Our little mentoring study will take 6 weeks of your time — which is really nothing when you consider how much you’ll get out of the investment. You can jump into the Facebook group on your schedule, so whether you’re a night owl or dawn-breaker, you can make this group work for you. We (your fearless Mentor Leaders) will post your reading assignment, discussion questions, and encouragement every week, typically on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule. We’ll be cheering you on throughout the entire study!


Mentoring Training for Moms

If you want to go deeper than what the book has to offer, you can grab a copy of the Study Guide and complete the extra worksheets and study questions. This extra content will make this book study feel like a traditional Bible Study and training course all wrapped up into one.

In six weeks time, you’ll know in your heart that God has equipped you to speak into the lives others — as a woman, a mom {or spiritual mother}, a mentor, and a friend. Mentoring will no longer feel scary, and you’ll discover the amazing ways God has provided mentors for you throughout your life and the ways you can naturally and purposefully step into the lives God has put within your reach.

So, are you ready?

It’s your turn to learn how to mentor and witness God increase your faith and boldness for His glory!

Come join us!

Sign up here!

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