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Although iTunes has been a faithful provider of music for me, Spotify is now becoming one of my new favorite places to find music. I can get music for free, make my own playlists, make a radio station, and preview music to see if it is something I really want to buy on iTunes. So for the month of March, I’ve chosen three songs from one of my Spotify playlists that have made it into my iTunes collection.


1. You’re Not Alone – Merideth Andrews

listen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FXLo3aCkuQ

This song comes from Merideth’s first album released around 6 years ago, but I only recently discovered it. You’re Not Alone has been a comforting song for me as I navigate the challenging waters of my freshman year of high school. With all the school work, sporting events and the drama that comes with being a freshman, it has been a constant reminder that I am never alone because God is always by side.

You’re not alone, For I am here, 
Let me wipe away your every tear, 
My love I’ve never left your side, 
I have seen you through the darkest night, 
And I’m the one who’s loved you all your life, 
All your life

2. Give You the World –  Kyle Kupecky

listen here http://youtu.be/B6wnk-O9fNk

In 2012, Kyle Kupecky left the band Anthem Lights, which has been featured here before, to focus on his marriage and a solo career. Since then, he has released two singles, and “Give You the World” is his second single, written for his wife, Kelsey.


3. Love Alone is Worth the Fight – Switchfoot

listen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rk9Pj3ID0UE

Switchfoot has been making music for over 10 years and they never cease to stick to their roots and original sound. However, they are never predictable. Each new song amazes their fans and keeps them wanting more. There unique sound and style can be found playing at churches or while walking around a mall.

Love alone is worth the fight

“Love Alone is Worth the Fight,” the first released single by Switchfoot for their latest album “Fading West,” is a number one in my books! It addresses the never ending topic of love and how fear should NOT keep us from loving. Sometimes, we get caught up in chasing someone who we think will love us and it turns into a game rather without a purpose. Switchfoot reminds us to fight for the real kind of love.

And we find what we’re made of
Through the open door
Is it fear you’re afraid of?
What are you waiting for?
Love alone is worth the fight
Love alone is worth the fight


What are your latest music favs?

Let us know and maybe your song…and a bit about you…will be feature here next month!


4 thoughts on “What Goes In: February Music Favs”

  1. Nice post, Leah! Thanks for sharing your favorite songs. Here are a few of my favorite Christian songs that have helped to remind me that God is by my side each and everyday. 🙂

    1. I Believe by Jason Castro

    2. Do Everything by Steven Curtis Chapman

    3. Keep Your Eyes Open by NEEDTOBREATHE

    4. Let The Waters Rise by Mikeschair

    5. Be Still by Kim Costanza

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