Mentoring the Hearts of Your Tweens & Teens

Would you love to know how to mentor your tweens and teens? 

It starts with the heart . . . your heart . . . and then their heart.

Mentoring the Hearts of Your Tweens & Teens

When our hearts are right before God, we can get down to the business of mentoring well and cultivating a rich relationship with our teens.

But how do you get your heart right?

How do you figure out what is going on in their heart?

How do you engage in a healthy mentoring relationship that is built off Biblical principles, like the ones found in Deuteronomy 6? 

Well that’s what this video is all about. Originally recorded in preparation for the Raising Generations Today conference, Elisa shares her perspective on what it means to mentor the hearts of your tweens and teens.

If the video doesn’t play, click this link to watch in


More Resources

Be sure to check out the Prayer of Mentor Mom here and additional resources (here), which will help you mentor the hearts of your tweens and teens.

If you attended the Raising Generations Today Conference and would like the original conference recording, you would have received in an email earlier this week. If you missed it, feel free to email elisa at moretobe dot com to request access to the link.


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