M2B Podcast: Becoming a Praying Mom with Brooke McGlothlin

I stopped and prayed... Join us for this “M2B Podcast: Listen Up” episode as we hear from author, speaker, ministry leader, and boy mom raiser, Brooke McGlothlin share on the topic of prayer and how it relates to raising our kids. You’ll be inspired, encouraged, and laugh a bit, too.


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You’ll Be Inspired . . .

In this podcast, you’ll hear these inspiring thoughts from Brooke and Elisa . . .

“God’s mission is to love them, grow them…and I want them to know that most of all.” ~ Brooke McGlothlin

“How do I fight him mama? Do I punch him in the face?” ~ Brooke McGlothlin

“I stopped and prayed to ask God what to do.” ~ Brooke McGlothlin

“Don’t give up on him. He needs you to not give up.” ~ Brooke McGlothlin

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“We are waiting on God to conform our character to His likeness.” ~ Elisa Pulliam

“If prayer is the language of our relationship with God, then why wouldn’t God want us to use prayer in our relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ?” ~ Elisa Pulliam


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