Shine Bright Devo Study & Inventory

Welcome, Nebraska friends! What an honor to serve you this weekend and encourage you to shine bright. We hope the message rests deeply in your heart and that these resources will inspire you to live reclaimed, redeemed, and repurposed, as God created you to be!


Shine Bright

Did you know that God has made you to shine bright in this world?

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Yes, you are created to be His bright light shining in this world. He’s prepared to do the light-shining work in you, but He requires your willing spirit  . . . your surrendered and devoted participation. Oh, it isn’t about doing more for God, rather it’s about saying yes to His presence and purposes in your life.

See, there’s a battle happening over you right now — a battle between darkness and light. A battle over your soul.  A  battle for the light the Lord longs to see dwell within you. A battle for the brightness God promises to bring to you and have rest in you!  Wouldn’t you like God to win that battle?

God longs for you to allow Him to reclaim, redeem, and repurpose your life, so that you may shine more bright, more beautiful, more like Jesus every day . . . because that’s the way He created you to live!

It’s a journey of learning and growing in your faith, and we hope you will embark upon it today.


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