Encouraging Excellence in Motherhood

Pursuing Excellence in Motherhood - Pt 1

I’m chatting with Kat Lee again on her Inspired to Action podcast, and this time we’re looking at Simple Ways to Pursue Excellence in Motherhood. As Kat mentions in the introduction, we just kept chatting and chatting, so this episode is divided into two parts. Be sure to listen to both! We covered so much, like:

  • how did I become a life coach and why it matters to motherhood
  • fighting to overcome your legacy of dysfunction
  • building honest relationships with other moms
  • discovering your God-given wiring
  • thriving not surviving

I know these two episodes will bless you and spur you on towards excellence in your motherhood . . . spiritual mothering . . . grand-mothering journey.

Listen to Part 1

Listen to Part 2


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