M2B Podcast: On Teens & Dating

Join us for this latest episode of the M2B Podcast for Moms as I share with you about how to navigate through the dating and relationships topic with your tween, teen and 20s sons and daughters as well as the young women you mentor.

Teens & Dating

As I love to do, I offer you share step-by-step instructions for how to answer and respond to the questions you’ll face . . . especially the ones you’re too afraid to answer.  You’ll walk away equipped and encourage to tackle the topic with sensitivity, grace, and truth.



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In addition to the podcast you, take a few minutes to download our dating and relationships resources. This is one of our most popular resources, as it helps teens think intentionally about what they are looking for in a relationship, how to have a healthy relationship, and what to do if you get your heart broken. The guide is full of conversation starters and activity ideas for discussing this topic one-on-one or with a group of girls, and it is an excellent tool for any mom to work through as she invests in her relationship with son or daughter.

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Free Dating Resource
especially for TEENS & 20s!

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