{Part 1} Mom, do you need a night out?

Okay, be honest.

Mom, do you need a night out?

Or how about a night a laughter, when you put the realities of your day…week…month…year aside?

How about a moment — just one moment — when you can stop and laugh with friends about this journey called motherhood?

This mommy-thing is tough stuff, whether we’re raising up toddlers or teens. The relentless demands upon our bodies never ends, from diaper duty to the oh-so-stinky-uniform-washing. As our hearts grow bigger with love for our kiddos, so does the ache over the decisions they make that lead down a not-so-great path. Our minds are weary from managing the schedules and navigating through friend drama, without bringing our own mean-girl issues to the conversation.

Motherhood is hard. But it is also a blessing. One that we need to remember as we confess the struggles and simply laugh together about the craziness of it all.

That’s why you MUST grab your girlfriends and head to see Moms’ Night Out this weekend!

You’ll laugh, snort, cry, and proclaim all the crazy glory about being a mom. Watch this preview, and you’ll see what I mean…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Leb6Vnhbp1A]

But that’s not the only reason you should see this movie. See, I happen to remember that beautiful red head when she was just a teen. Sarah Drew captured my attention the minute she took the stage and stole our hearts.

Sarah Drew in Moms' Night Out


This wasn’t the little pastor’s girl anymore.

This was a young woman at the beginning of journey. Just tasting her dreams. I watched her transformation on stage, and I knew that she didn’t just arrive there. She was nurtured to that place by two incredibly loving parents. A brilliant science-minded mom, whose heart was big and loving. Whose sensibilities were wise and thoughtful. Her invitation to join their small group changed our newly married life.

And Sarah’s dad, well, I think he shaped my faith as much as he shaped his daughter’s.  Charlie was my first pastor. He was the man that taught me about sanctification, justification, and that it was okay to crack a joke about “going to hell in a hand-basket,” especially when I showed up without my pre-marrital counseling homework all figured out. Yes, he not only married us, but made my dad laugh-out-loud at the rehearsal, when the first thing out of his mouth was the classic line from Princess Bride that sounds like marriwage!

Exclusive Interview with Sarah Drew


His influence is no doubt the reason I am who I am today, and that Sarah is who she is in a career that touts anything but God first and family second. But don’t take my word for it alone. I had the opportunity to ask Sarah about her perspective on her upbringing, knowing that many of you would be curious.

Grab a kleenex before you come back tomorrow for our exclusive interview with Sarah Drew. You’re eyes will be wet and you’ll be so inspired by her words!



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  1. I’m going to see this movie this Friday. Cannot wait! That is so neat that you know Sarah. I love her on Grey’s.

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