Simple Steps for a Great Summer Break for Teens

Summer vacation is days away . . . or maybe already here for some of you!

As far as I’m concerned, it couldn’t start soon enough. The longer days of summer, marked by free-flowing schedules, are a welcomed changed from the rigors (doesn’t that sounds like an academic word) of the school year. Enough with homework. Enough with deadlines. Enough with sports and games and concerts and fundraisers. Let’s head to the beach or the lake or pool and just relax for as long as our hearts desire. Doesn’t that sound perfect for a summer vacation? While it does to me, there’s also another way to spend our summers days that I want to pitch your way.

Maybe summer is the time to make the most of every opportunity.

Yes, I fully believe that summer is a time to rest and be renewed, but what if that renewal came through choosing to do life on purpose?

What if you and your girl set some goals for your personal, emotional and spiritual life so that your summer vacation leaves you changed for the better, without regretting days vanished into nothingness?

Summer Break for Teens

5 Simple Steps for a Great Summer Break for Tweens & Teens

1.  Download the super short Summer Thrive {not just survive} Guide to start the conversation with your tween and teen and beginning brainstorming the ways to make the most of summer

2.  Get a notebook and a calendar to jot down your ideas for the summer. Take the time to pick dates and even ask a friend to hold you accountable. While you encourage your tween/teen to go through this process, take time to do it for yourself too.

3.  Add to your notes anything that might be on your “bucket list” that you didn’t already consider, such as:

  • what you definitely want to do for fun
  • what you have do do for school/work
  • what you’d like to do if you have the time and money
  • what you know you should do so that you don’t have any regrets in the fall

4.  As you consider options for how to spend your summer, don’t forget these resources found in the tool shop to help your tween/teen grow spiritually and emotionally.

ENGAGE Bible Study for Teen Girls Bundle

5.  Finish up your planning in prayer. Yield all your ideas to the Lord and invite Him to order your summer days.

Making the most of your summer doesn’t have to feel like work.

Taking time to be intentional means making time to enjoy the life God has given you. So go be intentional and live without regret!


6 thoughts on “Simple Steps for a Great Summer Break for Teens”

  1. Carri Cherry-Johnson

    Wow!! I cannot believe that I just happened upon your site by accident while on Pinterest.. I have 3 teenage daughters and I feel very blessed to have made this discovery

    1. Kristie Cocking

      Hi Joy!
      We’re glad this post was encouraging to you. Thanks for your comment and for sharing your blog post with us!

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