An Irreplaceable Role

She looked across the living room at me with those eyes that said, “Is it my turn now?” and all I could think of was how she’s matured faster than I anticipated. This very daughter of mine,who usually can’t get through the door before she’s telling us about her day, chose to wait for the right time to share what was on her heart.


Will you make time for your irreplaceable role?

Mom, can we please go upstairs and talk.”

By the grace of God, I said yes. I stopped and turned and responded to her heart, because she needed to be heard.  She needed help processing life, even if it meant I might not know what to say or how to respond.

The fact is, our daughters (and sons) need to talk, when they are ready . . . and even when they are not.

So let me ask:  Are you making time to have the important conversations with your tweens and teens too?

You have an irreplaceable role to play in their lives. The role of listener. And the role of a guide.

Join me at to learn about how to embrace that role with purpose.



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