{download} Cultivating Accountability Partnerships

Have you ever thought of how you could benefit from an accountability partnership with a friend or even a mentor?

Imagine having a someone in your life who was committed to . . .

. . . helping you grow in your faith!

. . . challenging you to get real about studying Scripture!

. . . caring enough to ask you about your prayer life!

. . .bold enough to challenge you in the areas you’re most tempted!

Yes, your close friends and parents might be willing to serve you this way, but sometimes being close to someone makes asking the tough questions of each other even harder.


How to Find and Become Accountability Partners

So what about looking around at the people God has put in your life to see if there is a particular person, who you truly respect and admire, who might be willing to link up with you as accountability partners?

That person may be someone your age, which means you could serve as each others accountability partners. If you find someone older than you, it could be awkward for you to be their accountability partner, so why not step out and offer yourself to someone younger as an accountability partner?

The most effective accountability relationships happen when the goal and expectations are clearly laid out. That’s why we’ve created for you the Accountability Partnership guide.  It is filled with questions and step-by-step instructions to help you cultivate a healthy accountability relationships.

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This resource is a perfect companion tool for the Shine Bright Devotional Study Guide and the Journey to Freedom Bible Study, which you can find here.

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