How About Exchanging Your Expectations?


Have you ever stopped to consider your expectations, especially considering your future relationships?

Do you believe that “one day” you’ll be able to have a better marriage than your parents? 

Are you hoping that if you find the perfect guy, you’ll experience that love and joy and happiness you’ve always hoped for?

What are your expectations?

Well, you’re not alone. I felt that way when was I teen and 20s0mething, but I’ve since learned that my expectations weren’t the least bit helpful. Instead, they set me up for disappointment, until I learned how to take those expectations and replace them with relevant truth — then I could see life from a realistic perspective and pursue living in a way that really would bring a sense of delight when it came to my relationships.  That’s what I’m sharing about in this short video, filmed originally for a number of months ago, I hope that as you watch it now it encourages you to have realistic expectations about your future relationships.


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