M2B Podcast: Mentoring Simplified

We excited to bring to you another edition of the M2B Podcast, especially created to encourage moms of teens. This episode reaches a broader audience, however, with a focus on mentoring and how to approach it without fear, excuse, or unrealistic expectations.

Mentoring Simplified Podcast

In this podcast edition, you get to listen in on a workshop on mentoring Elisa Pulliam led with a group of women at a church in the mid-west.

You’ll be inspired to step out in mentoring relationships and encouraged that you don’t need to be perfect in order to do so.



 To listen to this episode, click here!

We promise, you’ll enjoy a few good laughs as you listen to Elisa’s stories of success and redeemed mishaps. And after listening to this episode, you’ll be inspired to mentor and eager to get started. You can take that next step by signing up for our next online Mentoring Study. Learn more about it here.

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