When Self Worth is the Struggle

Let me ask you a few questions. No it’s not a test that you’ll be graded on, but rather a way to get a little insight into your thinking.


1.  Are you defined by what you accomplish in a given day, month, or year?

2.  Are you defined by what others say about you, to you, and of you?

3.  Are you defined by what the world says is good enough, pretty enough, thin enough?

4.  Are you defined by what you feel you ought to be and not by what God says is true?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I get you, friend. I can answer yes to ALL of them, to some degree or another. And I see this issue of worth and identity manifest itself in my own daughters, too.  That’s why I’m tackling this topic at Mothers of Daughters. I hope you come join me over there, where I’ll not only share my journey but will leave you with three ways to respond when the size of her thighs, or yours, defines our sense of worth.

Her Worth

Read more at mothersofdaughters.com.


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